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Routines... Do you have one?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Our lives are full of routines whether we like it or not. At some point in your 24 hours you do certain things. For example you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, make your bed, make breakfast, drink coffee, get the kids up and ready for school, drive to work, etc - these are things on auto pilot that we just do everyday with little to no thought. Are you aware of what your routine is?

Are there days when you just feel like you haven't woken up yet? Or that your day has started and you aren't quite ready yet and feel rushed throughout the day? Or wish you had more time to just do something for you. Or get angry because you never quite get the timing right to catch up on your Netflix series or read a book or just breathe. I used to amble along each day and just get things done. Not intentionally - I was just doing.

Its time to change that. Last year I read an amazing book by Hal Elrod called the Morning Miracle. Its changed everything. I now wake up early each morning before my kids do and I have a routine that I do so that Im starting the day on my terms. Maybe you not a morning person then you could create an evening routine. The point is that everything is achievable if we plan it out. In last weeks post I mentioned how my hubby wanted me to exercise more. I was always tired at the end of the day and he would get "the look" if he even suggested I exercise. I now wake up early and I do it first thing. I don't love exercising but what it means is im doing it at the start of my day and then I don't have to think about it. Its done. And... don't tell him but I actually like the way I feel afterwards.

I challenge you this week to start to notice what you're doing in your routine and start to think of the things you want to do more of and see where you can build them into your day.

It all starts with a plan.

Here are two quotes I loved from Hal's book:

"The key is to consciously decide every night to actively and mindfully create a positive expectation for the next morning" and

"The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life"

(Quotes by Hal Elrod)

Until next week, be kind to yourself and live with purpose my friends,

(Photo Credit: Unsplash Priscilla Du Preez)

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