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I Wish...

The end of March signifies the end of the first quarter of 2022. It’s almost time to review my goals and set new ones.

I started to think about what my new goals should be. I’m not exactly sure.

But then I took a step back and asked myself what are the things that I wish for?

Well, asking myself what I “wished” for was easy - I rattled off a bunch of things. Imagine if you found the magical lamp and rubbed it and out popped the genie who granted you three wishes. What would you wish for? It’s easy to think of a million things isn’t it. Well friends, let me tell you a secret… wishes are goals without a plan.

So say one of your wishes is to have an abundance of wealth. Let’s break that down, how can you get there, could you add a side hustle to generate additional income or maybe you love your job and it’s time to ask for an increase or maybe you just frivolous with your money and you need to budget better, or maybe it’s time to up-skill and learn something new that will get you advanced in your career.

Maybe you wish to be thin (me too). So then what does that mean, do you need to start moving your body each day, do you need to eat better, are you deficient in something and need to have a medical check up and supplement. Break it down and work on it daily.

Maybe you have a big project that you’ve been putting off, what tools do you need, do you need to upskill to achieve it, when do you want it to be done by. Set a deadline.

Break down the big thing whatever it is into bite size manageable chunks. Each month do a little bit to bring yourself closer to that big goal. Get moving - be actionable daily.

And make sure you put metrics in place. What do I mean... set up small ways you can see that you moving towards your big goals and celebrate at each milestone. For example if you want to lose 10kg's of weight this year - aim to lose 2kg a month and each time you lose 2kg celebrate. A celebration doesn't have to be buying something expensive or eating something it can simply be a high five to yourself - you must acknowledge each small win because those will all work towards achieving your big goal.

“One step in the right direction is better than 100 years of thinking about it” (T Harv Eker)

Take the step - your future self will thank you,

(Photo credit: Unsplash Zakaria Zayone)

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