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When life wakes you up...

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

I was devastated to hear the news that Nightbirde had passed away. For those of you that don't know who Im talking about, Jane Marczewski was an American singer songwriter that went by the name of Nightbirde. She won the hearts of millions of people all over the world with her golden buzzer audition on AGT (Americas Got Talent). On this same stage she shared a small part of her life and the struggles she was facing. An incredible story.

Jane, who had previously survived breast cancer, shared on stage that the cancer had metastasized to her lungs, spine, and liver and her chance of survival was 2%. She was such an optimistic positive person, In a interview with AGT after her performance she was recorded saying "2% is not 0%, "Two percent is something and I wish people knew how amazing it is.".

You can watch her amazing audition by clicking the link below:

When I heard that she had passed away I was overcome with sadness. No I didn't know her personally but her spirit and her story struck something inside of me. Through all her hardships she was positive, she was optimistic, she was a fighter.

I started to look at my own life. No, I hadn't had any life threatening illness to deal with, however I had many other hardships in my life that I've overcome. I had a difficult childhood, I survived. I was hurt but I fought. I was knocked down but I got up. I had things and opportunities taken away from me but it made me stronger and more resilient. I too had many things stacked against me but I found hope and I held on. I remained optimistic and I fought.

In her audition, Nightbirde sang an original song she had written when she was at a particularly low point in her life called "Its Ok" and part of the lyrics go:

" Its ok, we're all a little lost and its alright"

So if you are feeling a little lost right now I want you to know that's its alright and I also want you to reflect on how far you've come. Find your 2% chance and keep going - we all have it within us.

My favourite quote by Jane Marczewski aka Nightbirde "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy"

As we head into the weekend, acknowledge yourself and all you've survived thus far, you can do this,

(Photo Credit: Unsplash Marcel Straub)

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