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Whats for lunch? The dreaded lunch boxes are back.

As I get excited about the kids returning to school and I start to think of what I need to plan and organise, I suddenly remember that lunch box meals are back on my agenda. Groan!

I find this task so laborious and painful. I ask my kids what would you like in your lunch box, "I don't know" an answer they frequently use. Well if YOU don't know how should I!

It really doesn't need to be hard. I think back to when I grew up as a child, things were so much simpler back then, not only did we have fewer options but financially we couldn't afford all the luxuries I find myself putting into my kids lunch boxes today. Everyday was the same - A sandwhich with a different filling each day, a piece of fruit and water. As a treat we sometimes got a juice but that was rare. So simple. Surely I could apply these basics to planning my kids lunches. So I looked for the common things that I was putting in, the main event - a sandwich or something like that, a fruit or veg, a drink and a snack. I then wrote down a couple of options that fell into each category. Bearing in mind the restrictions of the different schools my kids attend. At the one school there is a "No nuts and seeds" policy as a few kids are hyper allergic so I created a sheet per child listing the common likes per category. Simple.

I can't tell you how much easier this task is. Its also helped me better plan my shopping lists as I always ensure I have a weeks worth of lunch box meals at the ready. This can be applied to your weekly work meals for yourself and your partner too.

I hope I've just saved you a bunch of time and frustration. And if you wanna be a little "Extra" why not pop in a little note.

Below is a copy of my blank template for you to download. I hope its a game changer.




Weekly Lunch Menu
Download PDF • 31KB

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