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Resolution One...

Two weeks ago I chatted about resolutions, and how to stay the course. My list seems never ending so instead of picking the hardest one with the most challenges like "Losing weight" a never ending battle (thats a story for another time) I've decided to go with the easiest. Im doing it this way so that I can build on this achievement which will encourage me to try the next one on my list.

What is it you say? Well as a collector of all things - one of those things is books. I loooove books. I keep buying them, they placed beautifully on my shelf and then as I pass them in the passage or corridor I see them but they remain unopened. It was another "great idea" buy the book for sure you will read it one day.... Well that one day never came, and now as I pass my beautiful books I feel sad and not joy.

SO this year I commit to reading one book a month. Thats manageable right! Sure as long as I have a plan in place.

I have have listed 12 books in my diary that I would like to read this year. And I've changed my schedule to give me 20 mins before bed to get it down. Simple right... well it doesn't always go according to plan, my husband and I chatted a bit longer one night so I didn't read that night. On another night my child wasn't well so I lay down with her till she fell asleep and then was too tired to read. There have been a few nights like this but many where I was in control and I chose to go to bed earlier so I could read. My first book for January 2021 done and dusted was a very easy read but I just loved it! If you are able to find this book its well worth a read and suitable for all ages. The illustrations through out are delightful and the lessons impactful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



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