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Remembering Matters

The worst feeling is realising that you missed an important date. You can't go back so you apologise for forgetting. How often does this happen to you. It happens to me a lot. So I decided that this year I wouldn't forget. Especially not birthdays. You know, how you feel, when a message pops up on your birthday wishing you a happy birthday - "yay they remembered me" - "Yes I matter I'm important". Whatever your "feels" are, they are generally good ones. It's nice to be remembered.

So this year I decided to spend time writing up all those special people onto my birthday calendar. Because they are special, and they are important to me and I don't ever want them to think otherwise. I have also placed it on my notice board in my office. Its visible daily - I do a quick check in the morning and send off my message. Done.

Another thing I've done this year, is I have started noting down gift ideas. So often I have connected with a friend and in conversation they have mentioned something that they love, or a hobby that they do, a book they've always wanted to read, a favourite chocolate, something that means something to them, something personal. So, coupled with my birthday calendar I have made a list of these "mentions" so that when their birthday does come around I have a good idea of what to get them AND it's personal. I cannot tell you how much more meaningful this is to a dear friend or family member. It tells them you care, it tells them you were listening, they feel loved and important.

I have designed a birthday calendar and a suggested gift list which is free to download below. I hope they help you organise your life and more importantly strengthen connection with loved ones.

And as is said in the wise words of Maya Angelo

"Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others,



Birthday Gift List
Download PDF • 48KB

Download PDF • 16.17MB

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