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Fresh Start 2022....

Its 2022... already... how did that happen. Well its here and we well into this new year. Its taken me sometime to get "into" this new year. Everything feels a little harder. So I set out to make a list of intentions I wanted for my new year. Call them new resolutions, "changes I'd like to make this year", setting your intentions or even setting goals. These are all pretty much the same thing.

You basically making yourself aware of what you want for this year and then planning towards them.

Be sure to write them down and review them every month or every quarter to make sure you staying on track. Or maybe you set out to accomplish one thing and then you find yourself pivoting towards another - that's ok, that's why its important to track what you're doing and then review every so often so you can either get back on track if "life throws you curveballs" or you can realign your goals with your new priorities.

Last year I had great intentions. When the year started so did this blog post channel - I was on top of the world and determined to have my most successful year ever. I also committed to many things on this channel which I failed to complete. Why? not because I was lazy or changed my mind but because life happened. Without boring you with the long story I found myself caring for my mother who is 81 and has the start of dementia as well as my older brother who has downsyndrome. Moving them both into my home to care for them until a better more permanent solution was found. We still had covid lockdowns happening last year and I felt id rather have them safely with me then faraway. Looking after them, still working and looking after my three small kids was a massive challenge for me. I made a lot of sacrifices and adjustments to cope and manage with it all. It was a lot of change. But it was necessary.

I haven't posted here for a while because I had made promises to read a book a month and to post regular content but last year was hugely overwhelming for me and I found it not possible. So this is my apology to you, for not being regular but for you to see that I am human too - life happens to me too - I needed to adjust my priorities to cope and manage and that's what I did.... BUT.... this blog is still important to me... its still on my goals list and im back to keep moving forward.

If things have been hard for you, don't just give up and throw away all the efforts you have made. Acknowledge what you have achieved, accept whatever hard things happened and pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

"Take small steps in the right direction. No matter how small your steps, keeping moving forward towards your goal" - Nick Vujicic

Until next time, keep moving forward to your best life,

(Photo Credit: Unsplash Debby Hudson)

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