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In starting the year and getting things in order I sat down and really thought about what things I would need to have to be organised for the year. One of the things I always want to do but never really get round to doing is a "Personal Details and Family info" list.

So many times I need to have this info - either the kids ID numbers or my medical details or my spouses details and I don't know it off hand. What follows is pure frustration of me searching through endless papers to find all this info which I thought I had put in a "safe place". And then the madness continues because once found I note down the info I need and I end up putting those papers right back where I had found them - in a totally nonsensical place. Only to have to do this whole procedure again in a few weeks when I need the info for some other form I need to full in. Writing this out makes me laugh out loud at the madness of this.

So the craziness has to stop. Time is precious and I don't feel like doing the "hamster wheel" of mad searching each time I need this info.

The other reason why I wanted one place and one document for all handy info was that in the past year I have seen and experienced so much loss just in my circle. One of my friends lost her husband this past year. It was very unexpected and a terrible shock for us all. But what followed was her trying to put all the pieces together, what were his passwords, what policies and insurance did he have and with whom, all the things that we don't think to ask. So I created this two page sheet so that you can put all this important info down in one place.

Coupled with this action I have made an "Important Papers" box which contains a copy of the following:

  • A copy of mine and my husbands ID documents

  • A copy of each of our passports

  • A copy of each Childs birth certificate

  • The children's immunisation records

  • My pets "book of life and Vaccination records"

  • A copy of mine and my husbands will and who manages it

  • All insurance policies

  • All investment policies

  • Any important medical history or X-rays and blood test results

  • All important Car papers

  • Any products that I have with valid warranties

  • A list of bank accounts

  • A list of passwords

This box must obviously be kept in a safe place. Original documents should be kept in a locked safe or hard box to avoid easy accessibility or damage.

Below is the document I created for you to print out and keep on hand. If there is anything Ive left off please get in touch with me so I can add it on.

I hope this free's up your time and you find this info useful.

Thats all for now



Family Info
Download PDF • 83KB

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