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Class Parent - Pick Me!

Why on earth would I put my hand up for this task you ask? Well, I'll tell you why. Aside from the mundane tasks that come with being class mom, its an opportunity to connect with the parents and your child.

My kids love it that I'm always involved in the school and that they hear my name being mentioned. But the main reason I do it is because its an opportunity for me to connect more with my kids. I always know what's happening in their schedules and academic tasks and together we can proactively work together.

I don't know about you but almost daily ill fetch my kids and ask "How was your day? Anything good or bad happen today?" and its followed by "it was fine". Their standard response. With being a class parent I get to hear so much more, often a parent will reach out and tell me about an incident that happened at school or about a fun activity that was done. With this info I then ask my child "did you enjoy the puppet show at school today" or "how did the study skills session go" or "I heard Mary got into trouble what happened". They are completely amazed that I know this info and then eagerly share the details with me.

These prompts have given me so much more with my kids. I am able to connect with them more and we both love it! They now know that if they don't tell me how their day has gone I'm going to hear about it on the parent group chat and kids being kids they now get in the car and tell me their news with urgency as they want to be the first to tell me. Everything is a competition for my little ones.

Coupled with this Ive gotten to know the parents too. Covid 2020 left a lot of us disconnected, with lockdowns and online school. None of the usual "Meet and greets" and social interactions that would normally allow for parents and kids to connect took place. So I tried my utmost in 2o20 to stay connected to parents - after all, we were all navigating this unfamiliar territory together. And online schooling was a challenge for all. I was also fortunate to connect with the teachers last year, and I got to hear their struggles and joys too. Had I not been a class mom I would not have formed all these wonderful friendships and connections.

Yes its hard work, yes it takes time, yes some parents are unreasonable but would I change it NO. The relationships I have formed with my kids are priceless. We are connected, we talk and we are all able to deal and discuss our emotions much more freely than ever before.

I must have done something right because I was voted in again this year. I urge you to try it or if you really aren't up for the task then just start to notice the comments on the class chats, and use this to engage more with your kids. They will love it! Our children are our biggest investment and yet we have them for such a short time. Enjoy them while you can.

With love



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