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Celebrate You!

I started this week feeling a bit.... well.... unaccomplished. I was thinking about friends that were doing so well and pushing forward with their goals and dreams and I felt like I was so far behind. Do you ever feel this way? That you trying so hard but getting nowhere fast. My pity party didn't last long, I started to think how I could change this thought pattern and then I decided (and this is not a new concept) that I would start an "Accomplishments" journal.

What is an Accomplishments Journal you ask. Well, it's a journal full of all the things you've accomplished. Start recognising all your efforts. This positivity will flow and give you momentum to keep moving forward.

You shouldn't just write down the things that you've accomplished in your career or academically - sure getting your degree or Phd or promotion should absolutely be noted but this is a journal for all things that you accomplish daily. For example if you've been putting off a task or a difficult phone call, or you finally figured something out, or you actually went for a walk, or finally renewed your passport, or made time for the "catch up coffee" you promised a friend months ago, any of these things should be noted in your journal and dated. You will be amazed at how many "Accomplished Me Moments" you have in a day / week / month. Make a game of it to see how many you can fill in on a daily basis. This act of acknowledgment to yourself will reframe the way you do things, it will keep you motivated and wanting to tick off more "hard to do's" so you can add them to your long list.

We accomplish things all the time - big things and small things and we just move on. We don't acknowledge how meaningful and positive they really are. But give us bad news or missed deadlines, we will sit on those for weeks. Enough negativity. Its time to take back your power and start acknowledging all the amazing things you are doing. A little adds up to a lot and on reflection you will be amazed at how many amazing things you are doing.

Ive started my journal, and it's incredible to see how many things I've been able to write in it already, and its only been a few days. Looking back on the week I'm feeling quite proud of all the things I've done. That's the feeling I want - the good positive feeling. Not the "You haven't done enough" feeling.

This practice might feel awkward in the beginning, but the more you do it, the more comfortable it will be come. Finding ways to celebrate yourself physically alters your brain to notice more evidence of your achievements and capabilities.

Start noticing how amazing you are. Until next week, start your journal and keep finding ways to celebrate you.

(Photo Credit: Unsplash Katrina Wright)

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