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Best foot forward - make it count

There is much to be said about daily intentions. Im sure you've all had days where things have gone according to plan. Everything fell into place - the perfect day! And then those other days where everything is hard, the day is long, you feel like crying from overwhelm and not getting it all done.

Life will throw things at you all the time. Things are unpredictable but having a plan in place certainly helps. And mostly when I do plan my day, I do manage to stay on top of my schedule, and I do get things done. And even when life throws me a curve ball in the middle of my day and I don't manage to get it all done, by having a plan in place I still manage to tick off some of the boxes and feel like I've achieved something. So I decided this year that I would take 5 mins each evening before I went to bed to plan for the next day. Its not planning for the week or month or year. Its not a long story - its quick and only for tomorrow.

I jot down all the things I need to do, any very important items, tasks or errands, any appointments or meetings, or special dates, my exercise plan for the day, and what meals I plan to make for the following day. This way I can check what's in the fridge or if I need to buy something from the store. Its also a "snap shot" of my day and if its going to be manageable or if I need to reschedule things. You see I keep these "lists" in my head and mostly I intend to conquer the world each day not realising how much I have put on my plate or how long each thing will take me. This daily planning has made me visually see if my daily plan is manageable or unachievable and adjust it accordingly. The end result - I get more done. I don't feel overwhelmed, I feel in control of my day and when things happen out of the blue - I have the visual aid of my list and I can then prioritise what's most important and crucial for that day and then reschedule the rest for the next day or another time.

Im attaching my fun daily planner for you to download and use. I hope it helps with your daily overwhelm.

Until next time, I hope you conquer your day with your best foot forward everyday!




Daily Planner StartFinisher
Download PDF • 110KB

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