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I wanted to share something that happened over the weekend. Every Sunday we take our kids for a long walk in the park. We have two or three different routes but always pass by the same places as we loop round. This passed Sunday was no different, off we went on our walk which seemed much the same as every other Sunday. Half way into the walk, my daughter stopped and said

“look mommy”

I stopped and tried to see what she was looking at.

“Look up, there are small leaves on that tree”

“Oh, yes you right, look at that, spring is on the way”

And as I looked around I began to notice all the greenery and blossoms - such a lovely sight.

And then my daughter said “Things are coming back to life mommy”

And it made me think, yes we have all been through and still going through all the change, unsettling and trauma that COVID brought upon us but in that moment I looked up and saw new life and there was so much hope in that moment.

Hope is all around us we just need to look up 💛

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